Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day 172/365

Double spacing again, wonderful

I have also had to attempt to load these

pics at least 3 times, something fishy going on

around here.

So anyway, aren't you glad that the days are

getting longer, it is no longer dark when I leave the

shop. Tonight I had enough time to go for a

wee drive up on the headland to take

these pics and also across to the bridge for some of them.

We had a bit of wind today which stirred up

the ocean a fair bit, it made the air very

misty which worked in my favour.

I took some photos looking out to sea,

some looking back towards the bridge

and some looking back from the bridge.

Sea view one.

Sea two.

Towards the bridge.

Towards the bridge, different angle.

Near the bridge.
Looking under the bridge.
That is it for me for probably a few days.
I am heading off to Batlow tomorrow.
I am taking my sick kids and sharing what
ever it is that ails them, bad mother here.
I am also taking my scrap booking
bags in the hope of attending the Tues
crop with Vicky and the girls.
So you all be good, and don't miss
me too much, I will return sometime.

1 comment:

CreativeMe68 said...

Love Love your photos here today! I got to go to beach again yesterday...will have some to share with you a bit later. Have Fun in Batlow with your kidlets Sue....
And I will miss you!!! I will miss your gorgeous photos and chatting to you! Have fun scrapping the day away with Vicki, say I said Hello please.