Saturday, July 11, 2009

Oops, I did it again.

Day 165/365
Sunday after work.
Looking up the creek towards the harbour.
Day 166/365
A quick shot of the blossom on the driveway.
I was doing 'school' work all day so this
is about all I got around to.
Day 167/365
The suns rays from outside the shop.
I wish everyone could see this everyday.
Looks like the rays of heaven shining through.
Day 168/365
A nice nearly sunny afternoon,
I spent most of the day doing more of the school
work, I took this in the arvo just before sunset.
These are the same boats that are in the first pic.
They look so different when you can
actually see them.
Day 169/365
Shopping day Thursday, it was not a
very nice day again, so not much to
see, even the birds on the lake were hiding.
This is the moon, it was really nice shining
through the trees, but of course almost
impossible to take a pic of.
Day 170/365
Friday, I tried to get a pic of the sun coming
up over the horizon, ha, what a joke,
it was cold, it was raining and it
was mid morning before I even realised there
was a sun, and then it only shone for a
few minutes. So for the
days pics you get some of the stock
in our wonderful shop.
Rods and some reels. with dive gear
behind them.
This pretty much shows the length of the
shop, shows it is only about 20 steps
from the front to the back.
The soft plastics on the wall.
Boring, I get to look at them all day.
And answer stupid questions like which one
is going to work today, sheesh, if i knew
that I would go fishing everyday
instead of going in and trying to sell the stuff.
The other question I get a lot is 'i am coming up there
in two months what is the weather going to be
like then?' Yeah like I am god and can
tell them that.
Day 171/365
Today Sat 12th July.
Hardly left the house at all, it was too
cold outside and the wind would blow
the hair off your head if you stayed out too long.
So I got real brave and went for a wander
around the paddock. I wanted to take
photos of the different wattles
around the yard.
When we first moved here Marks
dad gave us Cootamundra wattles to plant
around the boundary line, they are out at the moment
and make the coastal wattle look insignificant.
Coota Wattle, lovely yellow, like wattle should be.
The local stuff, grows wild all over the place,
some of it looks like this, not sure if this is after the
yellow bit or before.
This is the same bush, with the yellow stuff,
really looks creamy to me.
Then there is this, I don't think this is wattle,
the leaves are totally wrong, but the little
blossom looks like the wattle flower.
I don't do gardens or green things so would not really know.
I thought while I was out there and could still
feel my fingers I would take a pic of a dry
leaf hanging from the tree, I could not
find a dead leaf but I did find this,
it is some sort of cocoon, Mark thinks some
sore of insect. It is about 3.5 inches long and 2 and
a bit across, filled with all sorts of fluffy stuff.
Intrigued to know what it is, bet
I cant remember to keep an eye on it.

Here is the dead leaf, I did manage to find one.
I think I put the camera onto aperture to take
this, I could not get the camera to focus
in any other setting. Might be time to reset
factory settings.
And finally this......Um, not sure exactly what this is.
It is definitely something alive, it grows out in the middle
of nowhere, not a mushroom (I don't think), it is hard,
I could not break a piece off, tho I didn't try very hard.
Only tiny, maybe two inches across, if that.
What ever it is, I will just say it is one of those things,
you know.

That's it for now, past my bedtime,
I have now got two sick girls, Tiff has come down
with it too, hope it is just a cold not this swine flu.
I am supposed to be going to Batlow for a few
days so hope they get over it quickly.
I will have all my children in the same place at
the same time, first time since January 2005 I think.
We are so spread out that it take a lot to
get us together. I will have to make sure
my camera battery is charged and ready.
Shoot, look at the time, I wont be able
to get out to go to work in the morning.
Night all, thanks for stopping by.
Be good, or at least be careful.

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