Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm home...

I am home again, did you all miss me?
I had a couple of extra days away.
Mark must have been having a good time
without me, he encouraged me to stay longer.
I had a wonderful time with all the kids.
I have photos but have not had a chance
to resize them yet. I worked yesterday,
how boring, I think I only had 3 or 4
customers for the arvo. It's a wonder
I didn't end up like the man in
the store at Nimmitabel.
We stopped for a drink and he was sleeping
so soundly that the doorbell didn't
even wake him (at least we hope he was only
asleep). We sent Tiff in and she was a bit
scared to try to wake him. Sheri
and I stayed in the car laughing ourselves silly,
we could see him through the window, he didn't even stir.
So we didn't get a drink until Bega,
made for a long thirsty trip.
Hope nobody ripped him off whilst he was snoozing.
Anyway, I had better go hang some washing out,
and maybe go buy some food, Old
Mother Hubbards cupboard has nothing
on mine at the moment. I had better go check the
mail too, Mark didn't check it once while
I was away, I hate to imagine what is there.
I will be back later to load photos, have
a great day, catch you all later.


CreativeMe68 said...

Glad that you are home and that you had a good time...Yeh I missed you all!!! Can't wait to see the photos!
LOL about Mark not checking the mail...Men hey??? Speaking of men, I hope the guy is ok....must have had a big one LOL!
Yeh our cupboards are a bit bare at the moment too, going shopping for supplies for Kirrily's bday party tonight for tomorrow! She will be 18!

Pauly said...

Woohoo for the extra time away! Bet ya got heaps of great photos.Did ya get to the scrappin Tuesday? Get anything done? Can't wait to see more photos.....