Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Phewww, marathon post.....again.

Nearly a week's worth of Photos.

I am home alone tonight, so I will endeavour to

load heaps of photos. Tiff is at a friends place, and

Mark has taken Sheri and her friends camping

for the night. I personally think they are

going to freeze, but it is something they

have wanted to do for ages.

I can't remember what number I am up to,

or the order these photos should be loaded, so

I am just doing a bulk post, I will

work out the rest later.

The snow on the way up on the Monday,

we were supposed to have chains but

after consulting a policeman and a

service station owner we decided

to make a run for it and hope for the best.

It was a little worse than I expected but

not overly bad.

A steam engine at Yarrongabilly.

The sun on Blowering Dam, way more water in

there than the last time I was up that way.

We were down the street in Tumut on Tuesday

when we noticed this amazing rainbow, at the same

time I got a message on my phone 'Quick Rainbow'.

It was so bright, and full I could not fit it all

into one photo, so I have joined two pics together.

I have not really done it justice, I could not get

a photo that shows how bright it was.

If you look closely you can see all the colours

and then some extra ones underneath.

Family day in the park, with some macro

photography, these daffodil/jonquils are

a bit confused I don't think they should

be out in flower at this time of the year.

I will load family pics later.

I have called this a watsit, simply because

I really don't know what it is.

I think a seed pod off a pine tree looking thing.

The setting sun from outside Mum's place one afternoon.

The setting sun taken from the road below

Mrs Barons place, not sure of the name of the road.

Batlow taken from the forestry rd near

Skeins place. I could not quite tell where

Mum's house is, I took the photo from

miles away.

Looking back at Snubba with the setting
sun reflecting on it.
Same day, nearly the same spot up
on the hill. These are for you Vicky.
The sun is pretty awesome in Batlow
you just need to go looking for it.

A tractor in a paddock coming down the hill

from the cemetery. Bet you never knew it was there

Batlow peoples, did you.

Leaves on the train tracks at Tumut.

A very random tree in a paddock between

Batlow and Tumut. It was a bit hard to take

a pic of this, I was parked on a corner with log

trucks zooming past every couple of mins.

Trees in the snow on the way home again.

I skipped the chains again, and prayed all the

way that I would not get pulled up, probably a little

bit more snow than on the way up, but still not

too bad.

I have wanted to stop to take a photo of this

birds nest every time I have driven past it.

Pity it was so far off the road and in someones paddock.

I nearly froze my buns off getting the pic.

The wind must have been gale force and

blowing straight off the snow.

Same nest taken without the zoom.

Then would you believe I found another nest,

this one was not far out of Cooma, the other

one was at Seven Gates.

Ok, if you are still with me thanks for sticking around.

I will now try to work out where I am up to.

I will be back with another weeks photos and a

couple of Lo's later.


Jennifer said...

Hi Sue and welcome back, your photos have almost made me homesick for Batlow, feels like forever since my last visit, might get there next year to pick A. Helen up to go to Perth. There's not enough holidays in the year for me to go everywhere I want, as always love your photo's

Sue said...

Wish I knew how to open your blog. When I click on it, there is something saying you have to enable it, but nothing happens. Frustration.
Take Mum to Perth with you. She would love to go.

storkess said...

Hi Sue, actually this Batlow people does know about that old tractor that is sitting in a paddock out there on cemetry road, just wouldn't think of taking my camera to take a pic of it. Didn't get to see any of you or yours while you were in Batlow.

CreativeMe68 said...

WOW So many gorgeous photos here Sue!! Missed your photos since you been gone!! Love the snow ones!!! And that rainbow is awesome Luv Shaz oxox

vicmbee said...

awesome Photo's sue.. Batlow is pretty to look at but most don't want to live here...LOL!!