Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sit down with a cuppa for this one, it goes on forever.

Day 162/365

Not much to show for Thursday, a quick pic of Wallaga Lake on the way

home from shopping, the light was good, but looks crap in the photos.

Day 163/365

Friday, another work day, cant do much from there so you get the usual sunset.

I did however wander out the backdoor of the shop to

get a different angle.

Day 164/365

The girls and I went for a walk on the boardwalk around Wallaga Lake on Sat arvo.

It is a lovely walk, along the boards and through the shrub, across the hill and

to the ocean, at what should be the mouth of Wallaga Lake,

the lake has been closed for a few years now so there is no

actual opening, only a bloody great heap of sand.

*The boardwalk.


*A very sparkly view of the lake.

*Driftwood on the beach.

*Wallaga Lake Beach.

*Sunset across the lake from the hilltop.

*Looking back towards the ocean.

The difference between the auto setting,

and the Scene - Sunset settings.

*Awesome reflections crossing the boardwalk.

*Love this pic of the girls holding hands, one for the memory bank,

then this one, oops. Caught unaware.

You just have to love being behind the camera sometimes, cept I got surprised too,

the water came right back to where I was and I got wet feet too.

Day 165/365
Random shots today, another day at work, so nothing to take a photo of.
Boring, boring, boring, hardly any customers but still have to be there, so no
real chance of a photo shoot.
The girls cooked cup cakes while I was at work, they iced and decorated them tonight.
They have done a wonderful job. They taste as good as they look too.

Talking of food, we had mince meat last night. I was really looking forward to a stew,
well, it was the worst tasting meat I have ever had the misfortune to taste.
I swear it was horse meat or something like that, Mark said maybe
Kangaroo or something, all I can say is it was disgusting.
I think it will be a while before I try cooking mince again.
Specially if it comes from Woolies.
Layouts by me.
One of Jed, it is so hard to do a boy page,
hats off to you people out there that do
them all the time.
One of Tiff and her best friend Sarah, I have wanted to do a Lo
of the two of them for ages, but nothing seemed to work with the photo.
I did this one at work today, I really had no creative juices flowing
and just decided to stick things anywhere pretty much,
I must say that I am quite pleased with the finished item. I think I will have
to buy some new product soon though, I really miss not having a shop handy.

Ok, I think I have just used up about a weeks posts in one, if you

have managed to stay with my until now, well done.

Thanks for stopping by, thanks for your comments,

and words of encouragement, and I will be back another

day to bore you to tears with my ramblings.

And by then someone might tell me how to stop this

rotten double spacing thing.


vicmbee said...

just made myself a cuppa while your page was loading, awesome photo's and love the LO's too... we had mince last night too but put it in pastry and pie cooker had intentions of doing pasties but was easier to do pies...

CreativeMe68 said...

Thanks for my morning inspiration...
Love the photos and the LO's!! I too love the one of the girls holding hands...very spesh moment...wish my sis lived past 3yrs of age!

I am scrapping again today!! YAY!!! Got a couple of LO's and cards to share later today with you, once the sun is in the right spot to photograph them, Have a great day Luv Shaz xoxo

Pauly said...

Great photos and love your layouts. How cute is the little deer!! Can't help ya with the double-spacing but??

Jennifer said...

once again you have taken my breath away, I wish I could have had you with me last sunday to photograph the whales that swam around our boat, my photos as usual were crap and yep they don't make mince like they used too