Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sat and Sun photos....

Looking for a 'Retro' pic. I remembered my

coat from 1978. The girls reaction

'please tell us you didnt actually go outside

wearing that'. Cheeky brats.

Took a couple of weeks to convince Tiff

to be my model, as you can see she was

far from impressed. Honestly the coat

is not that bad.

So then I took a pic of Sheri wearing her
cool blue 'shades'. Pretty 'retro', I could
imagine someone wearing these in the 60's.
I played with the settings in photoshop to
take away all but the blue colour.

Yesterdays prompt was - feeling the cold!
What makes you feel warm.
My interpretation, my lovely, smelly, comfy
uggies and a good book.
Todays prompt - A rainbow of colour!
Sadly my colour pallette was sadly lacking colour.
It was overcast/smoky all day, I am not sure
the sun even came out. I took this
photo at nearly 7pm while I was waiting for
my order of chips. Even the usual colours
of the setting sun were letting me down.
Tomorrows prompt is - the weather today!
I bet it is blowing and miserable, the wind
is supposed to swing nor-east, so it wont
be good.
Thanks for stopping by, and if you have
left some love, thanks, much appreciated.

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