Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sculptures on the edge...

Just a few pics of the Sculptures on the edge.
They have been set up on the headland for the
past week. They were all done by local people.

This one was made by my neighbour. The girls
walked past this every arvo and wondered
what is was for.

Love this pendulum thingy. The flowers
on it are amazing, they are like little
crystals or something.

Sheri thinks these next two look like something
her teacher would do.

Mambo man? anyones guess.

There were three of these men. I think they
would have been my favourite of the lot.
The detail in them was really good.

Ah, an update at last.
Not so much of anything, but still ok.
Later I will add the fireworks and the
shockwave that Tiff went on.

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