Sunday, March 14, 2010

All the fun of the fair....

at night.

This is the shock wave, Tiff and her friend

Sarah were on this when I was taking the photo.

It stops with the chair things straight up in

the air, I could hear the man saying you are now

suspended 64 feet above the ground, upside down,

OK, time to let my girls off already, it was

scaring me and I was on the ground.

I could hear one female voice saying

make it stop now, I have had enough.

This one is the chair o plane
with the shockwave behind it, Tiff
and Sarah were the only two on it,
so the lady let it go for ages. Tiff said
they were starting to feel dizzy
cause they were on there so long.
Nobody was on this, but it looked pretty good
at night.
And what would a fair be without the clowns.
I think they might have been the cheapest thing there.
Mark decided he would like a dagwood dog for lunch,
so I fought my way through the crowds and
put my order in for 3, 2 for Mark 1 for me,
that will be $15, I can tell you I nearly fell over.
I could have got a pack of dogs and made my own
for a lot less than that.
I got a couple of pieces of ric-rac from one stall
and that was the extent of my spending at
the fair. All the kids that came into the shop
said they were not going on anything,
it was all too expensive. $6 for the chair-o-plane,
$8 for the shockwave, you would think
they could work it out for themselves,
by charging prices like that they are doing
themselves out of money. The kids said
if they have to choose which ride to go
on cause they only have enough for one,
then they wont go on any, if they could go on
both for the same money they would,
and probably come back later for another go.

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