Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gee I am slack.....

so long between posts! no excuse other
than being too lazy to do it.
You know it is so long since I uploaded a
Lo that I sort of cant remember which
ones I have done, and really cant be
bothered going back to have a look.
This is the Lo I have done for March
'Write now' over at Bons
Basically you had to ask a Q;
and then answer it somewhere on the page.
This one is a just because one.
I played with this pic of Tiff in photoshop,
so that I could use it for the sketch challenge,
it didnt work on that so I put this together instead.
She was such a little cutie at that age.
The photo of the Lo is not the best, the colour
have not come up very well.
There is another photo challenge happening
during the CC this month, todays prompt
is 'Orange', I am really going to have
to get my thinking cap on for this one.
It is sort of to do with Autumn, but
being on the coast means that
we dont really get all the falling leaves
and wonderful colours like we used to
when I lived inland.
I have all day to think about it, so I
am sure something will jump out
at me sometime during the day.
Now I am on here seems I have found plenty
to prattle on about, so I will step away
from the keypad and go hang the washing.
You all enjoy your day now,
and I will catch you another time.
Thanks for stopping by.


CreativeMe68 said...

Great LO's Sue, love the one of Tiff!! Yeh I know something about being slack...haven't updated my photography blog in I don't know how long!!!

Hey I want to know something??? Do you have to be invited to go over to Bon's, sounds like a fun place! Luv Shaz xoxo

PS Check out
the prompt is Movement....Some awesome photos in there!

Sue said...

No Shaz you dont have to be invited, just go over and introduce yourself. They are a great bunch over there. Come on over and join in the fun, the challenges are great, very inspiring, they sure know how to get you out of your comfort zone.
I keep forgetting to go over to shutter. I will check it out now.