Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh dear......

You are not going to believe what happened this morning.
I was taking pics across the road from the shop
using Tara's camera, came back to the
shop and said to Mark, I really
wish I had of got the camera the other day,
he asked how much etc, and said I could
use some of the money from the sale
of the boat, until I got the money I am
expecting. The bloody sale ended yesterday.
Typical, now I have to wait until they
come on sale again, I told him I wont
get it until I am sure the money is
there, so I was not too dissappointed.
But gee I wish he had of said it
a couple of days ago, I would
have been there in a shot.


xoxAlyssaxox said...

Oh No hun, hope it comes on sale again soon xx

Tara said...

hmmmmm, wonder why he waited till the sale was finished till he said anything.. LOL

Sue said...

think maybe cause I didnt actually talk to him about it properly in the first place, just assumed he would not like the idea at all. I must have him convinced it will be a good idea.

Marelle said...

Oh hugs Sue
what kind of camera are you looking at?
I think your photography rox honey!