Friday, March 26, 2010

No photos today...

I went shopping instead.
Sheri is turning 15 on Easter Friday
so it was off to the shops today
to try and find a gift for her.
All I got from my shopping trip is:
I dont like the fashions they have for
this winter, I thought leggins went
out years ago.
And those funny knitted tops/dresses
or what ever they are dont have
much going for them.
She thought she would like a book,
huh right, they dont have that
in the Bay anywhere.
So I came home with very little
towards a gift.
While I was there I checked out
the camera's at Harvey Norman.....
Man I am so spewing that the
Taxation Dept has decided
they dont owe me anything.
The Nikon D90 is on special
for $1770, with a cashback voucher
for $200. You dont know how hard
it was to walk out of that shop
without one of those little babies
tucked securely under my arm.
All the way home I tried to come up
with some way to raise that sort of
money, but I cant see it happening
by the end of the weekend.
I will try to take a pic tomorrow,
I promise. I conned Tiff into
posing in my 'retro' coat
for a pic, but sadly the light
was all wrong and none of the
photoes worked. Not sure I can get
her to put it on again.
Thanks for stopping by,
thanks even more if you have left some love.


CreativeMe68 said...

That is such a bugger!!! Bummed for you Hun!!! I hope that you get some nice things for Sheri's birthday!!!
Luv Shaz xoxo

Tara said...

Dont worry about Sheri, she will have plenty more birthdays.... just go and buy that camera!! ONE DAY LEFT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GO

Sue said...

Not gonna happen....sob sob....but I am sure there will be other specials, maybe even better {fingers and eyes both crossed}.