Monday, February 15, 2010


I took these photos yesterday, between

showers....not sure of the settings on

them, cause I was just testing the zoom,

the focus and the flash.

I have tried to keep the photos similar.

The Nikon seems to take darker

photos, I will have to check the exposure

settings, if I can find them. Lol.

Pretty hard without a manual to check.

Thank heavens for google.

1. Nikon P nuetral, using flash

and natural light from the window.

Canon same settings as above.

2. Nikon P mono with flash and

natural light.

Canon same settings as above.

Pinched Tegans idea of getting rain
on the flowers, only cause they were close to
the house in case it started raining again,
which it did.
3. Nikon P mono. No flash, zoomed in
on flower and manual focus.

settings as above.
4. Nikon


5. Nikon P standard,
zoomed no flash.

Canon settings as above.
Even though the photos are pretty
much the same size file etc. when
adding the border they are different.
When using LV on the canon the auto
focus does not work. The nikon does.
When using the manual focus
the Nikon on smooth and easy to use,
the canon was jerky and harder to work out.
I wonder if I remembered to take the
Polarizing lens off the nikon????
not sure.
I think I had better take a note book
with me the next time I am playing
and take notes of settings etc.
Just need for the rain to stop.


Linda said...

There certainly is a difference between them Sue - some I prefer the canon, and others I think the Nikon looks better.

Has it stopped raining today? Hope you were able to get some good pics.

Sue said...

I agree Linda. I worked today so no real chance to experiment.