Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Well, we are still doing the photography

challenge over at bons

These are my entries for

Sunday, feeling thankful that we

live here in Bermagui and I can take

a photo like this everyday.


Stalked the garbage truck, I tried to get

the garbage falling out of the bin, but

discovered you cant actually see that.


I worked and nearly forgot about a pic.

So today I took a photo of the vegies cooking

on the stove. Not my best effort that is for sure.

I have only managed to finish two of the

challenges, I seem to have no trouble

getting out papers and making a mess

but when it comes to putting a page together

I am really struggling.

This one of Sheri is Sandies Jan class,

one of her favourite movies lately is

the one called 'ps, I love you' so

I thought I would go with that for the title.

This one of Tiff is for the Write Now challenge.
It was definitely a challenge, I hate
putting my thoughts on paper, what I want to
write and what goes on the page is never the same.
I am trying to make an effort to do some more
scrapping but I am not getting very far.
I think maybe it might be time to go
shopping and find some inspiration.
So without further ado, I will say
thanks for stopping by and leaving me
some love. Catch you all again soon.


Pauly said...

LO's are great, and guess which photo I love the best.....WICKED sunset!!!! Gave me the whole Hawaii vibe. Ya got me a little addicted to the photos, my blog has turned into a photo gallery!!

Sue said...

Dont you just love taking photos though. Hardly a day goes by without me finding something to take a pic of. Love it. And I would like to hope that I am getting a little bit better at taking them.