Saturday, February 6, 2010

Some of the things I

{heart} today....

1. Of course I

{heart} my girls,

Sheri and Tiff mean the world to me.

and of course I love Tara, Craig and Mark (Scobie)

as well, pity I cant find a pic to add here.

2. Today I {heart} seeing this, we had so much

rain yesterday that Cuttagee lake opened.

It has been closed for about 2 1/2 years.

It is totally awesome to see the water

flowing under the bridge.

instead of looking like this, I took this

only a week or two ago. It looks great but there is

not water.

And here is the water heading out to sea.

This is the road that the girls travel

everyday to get to school.

It is the Wallaga Lake Rd, they had

to close the road this morning while they

opened the entrance.

3. I {heart} painting masking tape to use on

a Lo, something I have only just discovered.

Thanks Tara for pointing me in the

right direction with this. Love it.

4. {heart} the cards I have done for the

card challenge, something I dont usually do.

Took ages to complete them but I am

glad that I did.

5. I {heart} all the fun and games we
are playing during
at Bons. The DT's are doing
a brilliant job of keeping us all in
suspense with some of the challenges
and I am sure there is no way I
am ever going to get even
a part of them done, but it sure has
been fun trying.
Thanks team for all your hard work.
I have now edited this twice, to include a
photo and to get rid of the double
lot of double spacing.
Thanks for putting up with my


Tara said...

i dont understand the reference to wallaga lake road... I cant see the road and the pics are of cuttagee??????

Tara said...


On the keyboard mum... the row under the backspace, 2nd button and 3rd button in from the right hand side.. Holding down SHIFT at the same time..

Same buttons as the square brackets!

Sue said...

The one of Wallaga Lake road is - who knows at this time of the night. Cant see the road, the water is totally covering it. On Thurs when I came through the swans were standing around cause there was hardly any water. Today the road was closed cause the water was nearly up to Wallaga lake heights.

Sue said...

Ah, now I can see them.

Sue said...

Edited, to include Wallaga Lake road. Must have hit the delete button once too often. Lol.
Now I have double double spacing, what a pain in the rump.

Tara said...

ha ha never mind about the double spacing, cant see your {HEART} though..

Off to bed now...

Tara said...

holy snappers at the wallaga lake road... I have seen it flooded before, but nothing like that!!!!! and that water is friggen disgusting, look how dirty it is...

Sue said...

Edited another 3 times, no wonder I lose interest in this thing. Dont know what the go with the {heart} was. Think it is right now. Heaps of dirty water hey.

Jane said...

Love the photos Sue, it's just amazing what a bit of rain can do :), great things to {heart} :)

CreativeMe68 said...

Wow I {heart} all the things that you taken photos of...Beautiful!!!
Sounds like you are having lots of fun at Bons...might have to go over and see what is going on when I get home from Bris! Luv Shaz xoxo

Charmane said...

brilliant photos sue.... and just LURVE that layout you've done and those cards too :) fab stuff :)

You are next on the blogtrain and your word is:


hmmm i wonder who is next stop.... it's:

Love charmane

Jane said...

more gorgeous photos Sue :)

Linda said...

Toot toot - fantastic piccies your {hearts}

Rachel said...

Great things to {heart} and I like that painted masking tape!

Nicole said...

lol, loving your's and Tara's chat in here.

Gorgeous photos as always Sue


Kristy said...

Wow love those lake shots. Lots of water!

Sue said...

Seems funny leaving a comment on my own blog. I took more photos of the lake today, it is beautiful. The water was so clear and blue, I hope it stays open for a long time now.

Mal said...

wow you must have had a LOT of rain to reopen the bridge!!!

your photos are great and fantastic LOs!

Melinda said...

love love love your photos sue!!