Friday, February 5, 2010

Today's photo for Bons.

My handbag swinging off the back

of the nearest chair.

And of course my sunnies,

never go outside without them.

We have finally got some rain.

Yeah right, it was a torential downpour.

Cuttagee lake was closed to the ocean yesterday

with no water within cooee of the bridge,

this is it today. Not only water near the

bridge but it is now running out to sea.

The girls and I were standing under the bridge
taking photos a week ago.

And my feeble attempt at scrapping.
Not the best photos of the LO's,
I had to wait until dark to take them
so the colours are not showing up very
This one is Skyes blue challenge,
had to be at least 80% blue,
use hand stitching and a male
relative, but not a son.
So I finally scrapped a photo of my dad.
And the paper of the month, with a twist.
Use Kraft paper, and use any of the following;
Yellow, Red, Masking using paint or spray,
buttons handsewn on, and polka dots.
I still have Theo's camera, and love the way
the photos work. Even taking photos of photos
and they look good. Think I had better
give it back soon though.
Best get back to scrapping or something,
should try and finish off these cards tonight.
Thanks for stopping by.

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