Monday, February 15, 2010

So much rain....

and nowhere left for it to go.

This lovely fountain is coming from our dodgey

downpipe, it rusted through ages ago and

nobody here can be bothered to fix it. Lol.

I parked my car half out of the shed last night

thinking that I would not have to swim

this morning to take the girls to school.

What a laugh that was, the water was

was forming a pool around the car,

and part way up the yard.

This is the little river that was running down the

side of the house. It is getting a bit mushy

trying to drive out of the yard now.

These next 3 pics are of the golf course.
Totally covered in water as far as you can see.
By this arvo the water was across the
road, too deep to drive through, so I had to
I got a call from the girls school in Narooma
this morning, the school was flooded and
they were sending kids home. My
girls opted to go to a friends place until
I could get there, so they needed my permission.
The school is on the side of a hill and it
is hard to imagine the amount of water
that must have been around for them
to send the kids home.
The girls said it was not in the classrooms,
but was past their ankles (over Tiff's brand
new shoes) on all the paths and was gushing
down the steps etc, so that they
couldn't move between classrooms.
It is still raining now, so don't know
what will happen tomorrow.
School photo day so hope the school
is open. We will have to find out
before 8, as the bus leaves then.
That is it for now, I will be back
in a while with some comparison shot
from the 2 cameras. I have only taken a couple.

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