Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A few rejects from SM

These are just a few of the LO's that have been rejected from SM, I guess it is alright to show them here now, as I know they wont be shown anywhere else. They are just a few of my favourites from the past couple of months.

Most of these LO's are challenges set within the family, Tegan, Tara, Sheri and myself set a challenge that has to be completed by the end of the week. It is a great way to get motivated, and also gets us doing things we would not normally do.

This is a photo of my Grandmother on my Dad's side, I think the challenge was to use an old photo and journal something about the person in the photo. My journalling is under the photo and tells all the things I can remember about my Nan, which I must say was not much.

I love this LO, it show cases Tiff over the past year. She has changed but not a lot. The challenge was to use more than one photo, and use the title 'I love the way...'. I used a page from an old calendar as my PP.

This one was easy. The challenge was; dont use any PP, use a rubon and a black and white photo. I doodled the flowers and coloured them in using Sheri's water colour pencils. And the rubon is the journalling tag. I cut around it and slipped the photo in behind.

For this challenge we had to do a boy LO and use pink on it somewhere. Not sure if there were any other requirements on this one. I love this photo of my bro, he is like me, totally camera shy, so we dont have many pics of him. I think he might just be a tad mad with me when he discovers I have done this. What are sisters for if it isn't to totally embarrass us whenever we can.

Not really sure what the challenge was for this one, but it sure looks like I went a little mad with the flowers. Looks like someones garden has gone feral.

Use 2 colours, and a photo that is not really about a person? Not sure but Tara took this photo of Jed at the Zoo in Canberra, I just love the look on his face, it is priceless, you can almost hear him saying 'awesome'.


xoxAlyssaxox said...

OMG!!! you are totally amazing chicky.. you're work is just gorgeous. I especially love the last layout. What a great picture for it. goes perfect. I will keep popping me head in for sure, Take care.


vicmbee said...

All I can say what is SM problem I love all your LO's. I love the one you doodled flowers on of tarni it is awesome... You look very much like your nan in the first LO another photo I have here of aunt clare I can see u in her too...
The LO of mine with the BW & blue has stamps around the border..

Sue said...

Vicki, I was a spitting image at the same age, bit scary hey. Who is Aunt Clare? You mean Aunty Tops? If so I didn't know she had another name.

Thanks for those lovely words Alyssa, I have been and checked out your blog, your little guy is adorable.

Renee said...

Some more awe inspiring layouts Sue. Just gorgeous!!!

chrisw said...

Stunning layouts