Thursday, November 20, 2008

Reality Bites

The day after. A bit sore and stiff, but still joking about the stabbing incident. Was a bit weary from blood loss, and still insists that it was really only a scratch. I am a whimp and refused to change the dressing for him, so he got his mate to do it for him (his friend thought it was horrific, the whole sorry story). He counted 5 stitches on the outside, and still dont know how many on the inside, I think one continuous one. I am not much help, I crack up just looking at him, how can someone stabb themselves in the back, and not hurt anything, honestly. He truly is talented. Lol!


vicmbee said...

Got my SBM mag today and can you guess who's name I spotted.... Congrats you made it.. I mentioned your blog over at debs so you have had a few visits from them ladies..

Sue said...

I have looked and wondered who was visiting me. I dont know whether to say thanks or not. I probably should shake my lazy butt and sub some more, hey. I checked out Paulies Lo's over at Debs too, impressive.