Sunday, November 16, 2008

I guess now I have a blog I should at least make an effort to keep it updated on a semi-regular basis.

On Thursday night we had a quick science lesson from Sheri, it meant going to the beach to look at the moon rising. Something about the way the earth moon and sun were aligned was supposed to make the moon appear red. We only got a small glimpse of the moon when it peaked out from behind the clouds, it made the clouds red not sure about the moon. I took Rudolph along for a photo shoot, but the wind was blowing about 90 miles an hour and the poor fella kept falling over, this was about the best of the pics.

The girls had the Spring Fair yesterday, the p&c started running them 3 years ago in an effort to raise much needed funds for the school. They have worked out that you can get more people there by limiting the cost of the kids entry tickets. They pay a set amount as an entry fee and then they can go on the rides as many times as they like. Much better for the parents pockets, and ensures they get a good roll up of attendees.

I had a bit of a play with this pic and added a retro vintage look to it, it was pretty bright before. Sheri loaded a lot of the pics from the fair to her blog so I wont add them again here.

I will make another post in a little bit and load a few of the lo's that I have completed in the last few weeks.

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