Monday, November 24, 2008

Even though it was blowing a gale on the weekend, we still managed to find a quiet place to take some photos. What would I do without my camera, I would truly be lost. Anyway Sheri wrote on her blog that I would load them here, these are a few of my favourites.

Loving sisters.

Just to prove that I exist here is one Sheri took of me. I am a behind the camera sort of person and not usually happy with any photos of me, but I think she did pretty good.

Wonder what you are thinking about.

Not getting wet just checking the water temperature. Poor Tiff had a bad cold and her eyes are red and swollen, and she didnt look well at all.


ALL ABOUT ME said...

Great pics of the girls:) miss u guys xx

Tara said...

Aaaaw poor Tiffy... Gee her hair is short now too!!

They are cool pics, ha ha Sheri is wearing my clothes!! She done well with the one of you too it looks good!!

SkyeMJ said...

Those are great photos of the girls Sue!

And a fab one of you too!
I dare you to use it to scrap a personal page sometime soon!

It's good for the soul!

Gorgeous shots!

Sue said...

A dare, hmmmm. Might just take you up on that one Skye, and to make it really hard for myself I might have to use 'RED', I hate RED, worst colour ever created.

vicmbee said...

Great pics....did you see you and tara left a comment on my blog about the same time.. One of you asked how I won the slice..... from shopping at uproar a few months ago....

Sue said...

Nope didnt see that. Great minds think alike.