Thursday, November 27, 2008

I have some photos to share. I have been looking for them for a few weeks, I finally stumbled across them while I was looking for something else.
Is it a cow, is it a buffalo, or is it just the strangest looking animal you have ever seen?
They are some sort of cow, we think. We quite often see them in the paddock when we are going down to Cuttagee Beach. Maddest looking things I have ever seen, its like they cant decide what they want to be when they grow up.

Front view

Side on in Shadow

What is the weather doing in your neck of the woods today?
The wind is blowing so hard here that the clouds are being blown away and we actually have some sunshine. It is reasonably warm, first day this week that the girls have not worn their jumpers to school. It is nearly Christmas for heavens sake, it should be warmer than this.

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ALL ABOUT ME said...

they is a cow but they is a special kinda cow just not sure what they is called lol but they shure are funny:)

So its still raining here was just light showers today but poured all nite and its so nice and wet and green but am over it