Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lots of photos and some Layouts...

Day 141
Not much to show for today,
I had big plans and ended up working
so I didn't achieve anything.
A little sneak peak at what I was playing with at work,
it has taken me days to get around to finishing this.
A pretty feeble attempt at a sunset.
Not up to standard!

Day 142/365
Shopping day, again,
seems to be coming around quicker every week.
I went to Narooma again, so I stopped
at Wallaga Lake boat ramp to take these next photos.

These next two are nearly identical,
but the first I had the camera set on Auto,

and quickly switched to scene 'sunset', when I
realised, how different is the colour?
I stopped along the river to take this one.
Day 143/365
Worked again this day,
seems like I spend a lot of time at the shop.
I left Sheri to man the counter while I slipped
across the road to take these next photos.
I didn't think she would get a customer at that
time of the arvo, and wouldn't you know it,
she got one that got something not priced
and she had to write it on his account, and
she didn't know who he was. Lucky I
spotted him from across the road and was able to
show her what to do.
I love the rigging on the boats with
the setting sun behind them.

You might notice I take a lot of this sort of photo.
When we got home Mark and Tiff had a fire going,
they were burning some of the fallen limbs
etc. from the gum trees.
If you click on this one, you might be
able to see Tiff a bit better, love the fire glow on her face.

Day 144/365
Caught up at last, this is today, Sat 13th June.
I didn't think I was going to get a photo today,
we nearly missed the setting sun, it was going down
as we were coming into town, on our way to
Sheri's friends house. We had to make a little pit
stop at the boat ramp on the way through, and
look at what we nearly missed, I am so glad we stopped.
The river looks different every time I stop to take a
photo. I tried using the shutter button for some
pics but without the tripod they were just a
big blur. I wont comment on each of these,
you can see they are all of/or near the bridge.

And finally the Lo's that I promised from last night.
The first one you have seen before, but I had
to add some stones and a title, I have
done both and now it is finished.

This one is the one I took days to finish,
an A4 photo of Sheri, with minimal embellies.
I painted and chalked the chippie butterfly thing,
and curled the flowers and made them look lifelike.

and last of all, a girly girl Lo of Tani,
funny it was supposed to be pink and it has
turned out green and orange and brown.
Still looks girly with the lace and ribbon and buttons
and pearls. A little bit of doodling and a
few out there cuts and there you have it,
an almost girly girl Lo. Lol.
Ok, time to stop prattling on again,
I do get a bit carried away.
It has just started raining here again, sounds
more like ice hitting the roof though.
Shaz I have checked out the award on your blog,
I will get around to doing something with
it tomorrow night, I will be working all day, so
hopefully I will have a chance to take at least
one photo through the day.
That is it for now, thanks for stopping by,
I will check on you all again later.

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CreativeMe68 said...

OMG I am loving your LO's...I love that photo of Sheri!!! She is one gorgeous girl!!! Love what you did to the flowers and yeh those photos are pretty awesome too!!!

Haven't taken any photos in days, might have to do some road trips again to take some photos!! Hope you get some good ones today...even though you are working!!! Looking forward to seeing what you get! Luv Shaz xoxo

PS It is ok about the award...just when you get around to it!