Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Huge post, lots of rambling.

I am having a little bit of trouble taking

the photos off my memory card, Ulead is just shutting down,

so I will load the pics that I have ready. Now
I have double spacing on this thing, the wheels are falling off

everything. I seem to be locked out of my emails today too,

must be all the bookwork I have been doing over the past

couple of days, the computer cant keep up with it. Lol.

Day 151/365

This rather disgusting photo was on the way

to Narooma on Sunday after work, it was dark,

it was raining, so I changed the settings to allow

more light in, the whole photo is really pixely.

Day 152/365

I took this photo looking out towards the sea, with

the sun setting behind me, it was bringing

out some amazing colours in the clouds.

Day 153/365

Tuesday on the way to work, I made a mad dash down to

the blue pool to take a pic or two, silly idea,

do you know how many steps there are, probably not!

I think I counted 98 steps from the bottom to the top.

I am too old and too unfit to be running up and down that

many steps. I did manage to get a nice pic, though,

even though I nearly fell on my butt slip sliding across the sludge
in the little pool to get the right angle for the photo.

This is an extremely random sort of shot, the council man

came and put this thingy on the water main outside the shop.

I made him leave it on while I raced and got the camera,

I am sure he thought I was a bit of a rabbit.

And being a Tuesday meant that I got to see the sun setting

over the harbour again. I am sure you are having
withdrawals from the lack of sunsets lately, so

here is a pretty basic one. There were hardly any clouds so

the sun didn't have the same omph as usual.

Day 154/365

I raced into town to grab the paperwork from the shop in the morning,

and I could not resist a quick hop across the road to

take this photo of the harbour, the colours were awesome.

I had to come back into the shop just after lunch and

spotted this amazing photo op, the sea mist

drifted in between the hills, making everything look like a painting.

It only lasted a little while, so I am pretty stoked that I got these pics.

Last night there was an electrical storm going on all around us,

the light show was pretty good, I was not getting a good photo

from home so decided to go to town to get a better shot,

and wouldn't you know it by the time I got there the storm

had nearly passed, so this is my only shot with a lightening

bolt in it. I will now be looking out for a storm again,

in the hope of getting a decent pic.

I will keep trying to load todays pics, so I might be back later,
be good, thanks for stopping by.


Pauly said...

Wow, some awesome shots of late...the tap one is my fave! Your layouts are awesome too..I have been quickly checking over the past couple of weeks, just been too time restricted to comment everywhere. Hoping life gets back too normal soon (whatever normal is!!!)

Talia Lynette said...

Hi, i've just found your blog and you take some really nice photos! so i decided to follow your blog :)

Talia Lynette

Jennifer said...

Sue as always totally stunning photos, you would have loved the photo opportunities in Canada, I took some alright pics but you would have taken much better ones for me love Aunt Jen

CreativeMe68 said...

Great photos again Sue!!! Luv Shaz xoxo