Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hi all, um, it is Thursday and I
am being really slack this week, it is
taking me forever to get my act together again.
I have been taking my photos but have
not had the time to scratch myself this week,
so have not had a chance to play on the
computer. I have just spent 3 and a bit
hours loading some photos to snapfish to
be printed, 3.4 hrs honestly, I nearly
could have driven to the nearest Harvey
Norman shop in that time.
Oh, well all is still good, I will get around to
loading my pics tomorrow (fingers crossed).
Still chilly here on the coast, the wind is bringing
the ice down from the snow covered mountains
I think, we don't usually get this cold here.
OK, enough prattle from me, I
will try my best to load pics tomorrow after
work. Thanks for dropping by, I will do
my best to catch up with everyone's blogs in
the next couple of days as well.


Sue said...

Hey Vicky, if you read this, I will try to do that photo for you over the weekend, I will try to burn some onto disc and send them to you to pick one.

CreativeMe68 said...

I am hearing you Sue about not having enough time to scratch myself!! Hope you week gets better too!!! Brrr I bet it is cold down your way!!! I know it is freezing here for a couple of hours when the sun is just breaking over the horizon so glad it is not an all day thing! My intention today is to take photos of all of my goodies!!!
Hopefully we will both have things to share tonight! Can't wait to chat to you soon Luv Shaz xoxo

CreativeMe68 said...

Hey Sue...Love your blog so much that I have left something else over there for you to pick up and maybe one day we can share on them that is on the pic! Would love to meet you in person Luv Shaz xoxo