Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 159/365
I made an effort today to take a better photo.
I am getting sick of the sunsets outside the shop,
so I borrowed Marks Ute and Sheri and I drove
out to Wallaga Lake to this cute little jetty.
We have taken photos here before, when Tara and
family were here. I was a little disappointed today,
I really thought the sun would be in a better position.
I am very happy with the photos that I did get though.
So in no particular order here are the photos
from Wallaga.
A man and his dog rowing across the Lake.
Same man, same dog, coming back again.
Sheri on the end of the Jetty.
A random leafless tree.
I even took the time to climb up a little hill, to take this
photo of the harbour. The colours were really pretty.
Update on the big fish that are being caught at the moment.
Reportedly there was an even bigger fish caught today,
something like 130kg.
And the young fella on the boat yesterday looks
like he has a record, his fish weighed 84 or 86kg,
beating the previous record by a few kg.
He is only a little fella, the skipper said
he would be lucky to be 35kg wringing wet,
so one massive effort from him, and
a job well done.
So that brings me to the end of another day
here in paradise, wonder what tomorrow
will bring. I will be at work so probably not much.
Thanks for stopping by, be good and
I will catch you again soon.


CreativeMe68 said...

All I can say is OMG!!!

Jennifer said...

Ditto of Creative Me68 OMG!!!!!
Can see my blog when one of my nieces comes for a holiday shows me how too. This Aunt is Computer illiterate, can do emails, google and look at my photo's. Will offer bed and breakfast in return for computer lessons. Invitation open to all nieces Luv A. Jen

Talia Lynette said...

love those photos!