Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 134/365
It is STILL raining.
I cant believe it, we have not had rain
for months and now it wont stop,
not good for the fishing business,
if people cant fish they don't come into the shop.
It did stop raining around 4 this arvo,
it was about then it started pouring.
Sheri had to go to music looking like a drowned
water rat, not a good look.
This is Tiff heading to the bus stop this morning,
just before I called her back and took
her up in the car, it was getting wetter and wetter.
The umbrella nearly swallowed her up.
After I dropped Tiff off I thought I might
be able to get a photo of the rain hitting the water.
I should have taken a photo of me, I am
sure I made quite a spectacle.
There I was in my purple dressing gown,
with my white hairy legs sticking out the bottom,
wearing a pair of 2"clogs (to keep my feet dry, my
slippers have no soles left in them),
balancing a tripod, and an umbrella while
trying not to get my camera wet.
And all I could get was the bubbles on top
of the water.
The water had run away by the time I
was ready for work, so I didn't get
another chance to play.
I do hope it stops raining by tomorrow.

I got the first lot of paperwork for the course
the job network people convinced me I should do,
I am not sure what they were thinking,
it is training to be a full on accountant,
all I wanted was to update my bookkeeping skills
so I could do the shop accounts.
I think I will have to go talk to them,
I will give this stuff a try first though,
no use admitting defeat until I have at least tried.
That is enough rubbish from me.
I will try to do better tomorrow.
Thanks again for stopping by.


vicmbee said...

Love the water and bubble pic... yep that is little sammy in one of the layouts it was while I was down canberra....

vicmbee said...

hey sue can you email me one of your favourite sunset photo's when you have time.... it may take you a while to pick one as I love them all....thanks

CreativeMe68 said...

LUV LUV the bubble photo!!! Ohhh Poor Tiff and I bet you looked a sight indeed!! Obviously it is still raining and yes I miss your sunsets too.
Oh I don't think I could do a bookkeeping course, but I guess if you have to well then you have to! Better go have a chat with them...
Luv Shaz xoxo