Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 158/365

Again with the double spacing, what is with this blog.

I had to put up another Bluefin pic.

This one beats yesterdays one by about 8kg,

which will be a record, not sure if Aussie or International

though, either way pretty special,

as can be witnessed by the victory arm being raised

above the anglers head.

The fish laying on the ground weighed 126.7kg,

the one hanging weighed 127kg,

he certainly was one happy angler!

Sunset from a different angle.

These next two were taken looking

back over Bermi towards the ocean.

The sun had gone behind the clouds looking out

towards the mountains, but it was still

making the clouds and sky light up across the ocean.

Tiff thinks this one looks like a Dinosaur.

I cant see it myself.

And lastly, it has taken me a few days,

but I have finally finished this.

I don't like the title, but could not think of anything

I wanted to put there. Pretty hopeless when it

comes to journaling or titles, think

I flunked English at school, maybe I should have

taken more notice of the teachers.

This is my baby girl, it seems like only a couple
of years since I had her, not eleven.
She is growing fast.
These kids of mine are making me feel old.
Oh, look, back to single spacing,
I do wonder what is happening up the top there.
OK, enough chatter about nothing,
I need to go do the dishes, I am going to sack
the dish fairies, they wont do their jobs at all.
Thanks for stopping by, and any comments you
leave are most welcome.
Hopefully I will be back tomorrow, so
until then, have a great night.


Jennifer said...

Hi Sue love photos and layouts from last couple of uploads as always, do you still fish or is photography and work taking up all your time, much to my girls shock I have just discovered I like fishing, but only from a boat not the bank "can't get the hang of casting, its much easier off the side of the boat"

Tara said...

i can see the dinosaur in the pic too tiff ... :-)

cool layout, i like the papers..

Sue said...

Jen, yeah, I still like to fish, but spend my time finding excuses not to go, I need a friend to encourage me. I think maybe I am really too lazy. So work, scrap and photos take up my time.
When are you going to let us see your blog??????? Boat fishing is the best, I totally agree.