Saturday, June 20, 2009

Okay, I have been getting real slack lately,
just cant be bothered signing in to load pics.
Slap my wrist someone!
Day 148/365
Thursday morning before we left for Merimbulla
I spotted this little family on the bird feeder.
It is Mum, Dad and over indulged baby.
You should have seen the stuff it was getting away with.
Cheeky little thing. I took this standing in the front door.
After Sheri's AMEB test we went to Slack Mac's for lunch.
Must say that stuff never tastes any better, YUK.
There were all these little sparrows there,
they were that fat it is a wonder they got off the ground.
This was taken over the railing at Macca's.
I have cropped the rubbish out of this photo,
houses on the hill, etc.

Sheri got an A (honors) pass for her music.
She lost points in the general knowledge part,
the tester asked different sorts of questions than
the one last year, and she knew the stuff but
was thinking of the stupid names they use at school.
Ah well, she still did extremely well, and we are
so proud of her.
Day 149/365
Friday on the way to work I stopped to see the sun
rising, it hung below the horizon so long I gave up
and went to work. This is taken at the headland.

Then by the time I got to work it was rising,
but it was behind the trees, so I had
to walk across the road to peek through them.
I played around with the settings again
to gauge the difference, this first one is on
the scene-sunset setting.

This one was like an instant later using the
Auto setting. I like the colour in this one.

As I was closing the shop I noticed the sun
was peeking out of the clouds, this is the only
photo I took, my battery died.
Day 150/365
Today on the way home from shopping we stopped
at Camel Rock. I can not get a decent photo of the rock,
my photos always turn out looking pixely.

Just as we were about to leave I turned around and
seen this awesome rainbow, I cant get a decent pic
of one of them either. I think this was taken using
the aperture setting on 4, the rest were
either too dark or too light. The rainbow was almost full,
but I could not fit it all in the photo.

Ok that is it, caught up again. Huh right, it
is like the washing just when you catch up you have
to do it again.
Sheri has some friends over for the night, and it
is raining and they are just about to go light the
pile of sticks we gathered this arvo.
I am thinking I had better go supervise.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving my
some love, I have tried to catch up leaving
comments, if I have missed your blog I apologise.


CreativeMe68 said...

Gorgeous Photos as always!!! So good that Sheri got an A for her music exam! I can't remember the last time I took a photo so it is so nice to see yours everyday....I am going to Airlie on Mon so hopefully I will get some from down there!!! Hopefully catch you on Msn one of these days. Have a great rest of the weekend Luv Shaz xoxo

storkess said...

Hi Sue, I have just emailed you the pics of your Egyptian Mummy,a challenge to you to srap one or both. Great photos as usual, love your sunrises and sunsets, Congrats to Sheri, well done Luv from u r Aunt

Tara said...


Sue said...

Tara, what sort of language is that, behave yourself. Who was it that showed me Scrabble in the first place.

Sue said...

Hey Aunt, I got the email, Um, totally embarrassing, I think I will just leave those pics on the email, are you sure that woman is my Mum, hehehe. You wont catch me dressing up like that.