Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I have been tagged by Alyssa to
answer these questions, then tag 8 other
8 Things I look forward to...
1. Sleeping in on Saturday mornings.
2. Quiet time after everyone else is in bed,
when I get to play on the computer.
3. Seeing my beautiful grandchildren,
not often enough though.
4. Chatting to my parents on
the phone.
5. Surprise visits from family,
we live so far away from everyone else.
6. Spending Saturdays with Sheri and Tiff.
7. Spending a whole day with Mark away
from the shop.
8. Time by myself.
8 Things I did yesterday...
1. Nearly slept in, hit the snooze once too often.
2. Chased Sheri's school bus into town,
having missed it at our stop.
3. Got the washing onto the line,
between showers.
4. Talked to Tara on the phone.
5. Talked to Zayne on the phone,
he is too cute.
6. Went to town to see if there
were any new scrap mags out yet.
7. Got some semi dry washing off the line,
between showers.
8. Got the dishes done early, and went
to town to try to take some
rainy photos.
8 Things I wish I could do...
Now this is a hard one....
1. Make the day have a few more hours.
2. Fast forward days like today, it was not good.
3. Find titles for my Lo's easier.
4. Spend more time with all my kids.
5. Have a family holiday.
6. Have more confidence in myself.
7. Convince youngest child to clean up after herself,
impossible to do this one.
8. Open up the program to do the shops bookkeeping,
it has locked me out.
8 Things or Shows I have watched lately...
1. NCIS.
2. Medium.
3. News, when I get the chance.
4. Master Chef.
5. House, put it back on please.
6. Yes deal, no deal, as the grandies
used to call it.
7. Neighbours, only cause the girls have it on.
8. Football cause Mark has it on.
8 Blogs I am tagging...
As I think nearly everyone has already been tagged
I will have to cut this short, if you read
this and you have not been tagged before please
feel free to jump right in....
I will tag..
1. Sheri.
2. Tara (sorry Tar).
Cant think of anyone else that may not have done this,
Thanks for looking, Sue.

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CreativeMe68 said...

Thanks for sharing a lil bit more about yourself with us! Luv Shaz xoxo