Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 137/365
Pretty yuk sort of a day again on Friday,
we were starting to worry that the whole weekend
would be a bit of a bust in the shop.
I worked Friday so had no time to
go out and take a pic, so this
is the harbour after work.
There were still boats coming in after
dark, so I played with the shutter setting again
and managed to capture a boats lights
going across the water, you cant see the boat
it sort of disappeared somewhere.
Not sure why this one is here, but at this
time of the night I am not moving it.
This is looking across the harbour at the
charter boat wharf, with the boat sheds behind.
Day 138/365
Gorgeous, lovely sun shiny day. We could not
have had a better day to start the long
Tara and family arrived late Friday night,
we had the pleasure of watching the
kidlets Sat arvo and night, Tara had a school
reunion. The kids were great, no trouble at all.
Jed wanted to go to the rocks that Tiff
always goes on, but he was in Narooma
with Tara until later in the arvo when I went
over to pick them up, so he missed out
on an adventure in the arvo.
Tiff and I went for a bit of a wander though,
and found this great shell.

Same shell different angle, we brought the
anemone shell home with us, so Jed could
take it home with him. Hopefully he will show it off
at school, along with the Shark tooth we gave him.
Tiff had some fun throwing rocks into the water
for me so that I could capture the splash,
how totally cool is this splash?
It looks like fireworks in places and a
misty look near the water and some other
patterns as well.

This is the River at Narooma, below the pub
where the reunion was, we went to get the kids just
after dark. This is the only pic I bothered to take,
I would have like to stay and play a bit more.

Ok, it is now past midnight, I think I really
should be in bed already.
I will load some more tomorrow night,
hopefully I will catch up on all of the weekend
by then. Hope you are all a little
warmer than what it is here at the moment.
So be good, thanks for stopping by, and I
will be back soon, seeya.


vicmbee said...

cool photo's.... It's no warmer here, there is snow on the ground atm just put pic on my blog of what it looks like outside, at 9.00 there was no snow it started when I got home from scrapping..

CreativeMe68 said...

Hi Sue....I have missed your photos while I was away! These look great...I really love the up close shell ones!!! No such photography from me...I did however take some beautiful photos of my friend Rach, her fiance and their lil girl will share later! Luv Shaz xoxo

Pauly said...

Awesome photos!! Love the splash too.