Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ah, I have access to my blog again.
For some unknown reason I was unable to
sign in the other night, and I gave up in
frustration. Yesterday I was too busy
playing scrabble on Sheri's facebook to even
think about coming over here, thanks Tara,
I told you I would become addicted, Lol.
Day 144/365
I stopped to take this on the way to work
on Sunday morning, the sun looked
as if it was making a path to
Montague Island, you can see the island on
the horizon if you click on the photo.
Ho, Hum, another sunset.
The colours are amazing, I wonder does
the sea air have something to do with
the brilliance of it.
I wish I had a panoramic setting on the camera,
I couldn't get the whole horizon in,
the sky was alight right across as far as you could see.
Day 145/365
This is one of about 4 pics I took yesterday.
It is so hard to take a pic of a rainbow.
This one was taken out on the road
on my way to the bus stop with Sheri.
As you can probably tell it was a wet
and miserable day yesterday so
I didn't venture out with the camera.

Today is worse than it was yesterday,
I am heading to work very soon,
and I think extra clothes will be needed today,
either that or I just shut the door and
pretend I am not there, he he.
On a good note, the insurance company
finally came good with our claim,
all it took was a phone call from me asking
what the hell was going on with it,
we were broken into on Easter Sat,
I am sure if I took that long to
pay there bill I would be penalised severely.
I finally got onto the accountant about
being locked out of my accounting system,
seems they changed the operating system on me
and didn't realise, now they have to come
and install their version so I can do some work.
Ok, enough stalling from me, I had better
get my act together and go to work,
have a great day, and I will be back later.

1 comment:

CreativeMe68 said...

Ohhh That is such a bugger when blogger won't allow you to do things when you want to!
Gorgeous photos as usual..I actually went to Ayr yesterday and never took my camera!!! Should have though cause there was a Jabiru right on the side of the road in a lily patch!
So glad the insurance company came good with your money!!!So true about what you said...if we didn't pay up they would be asking some questions! Looks like the builder who fixed the house was trying to get away without replacing the carpets... Well I better move too, I am off to work today at Kindy!
Sorry I haven't been around hopefully chat to you tonight Luv Shaz xoxo