Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 138/365
Sunday 7th June.
Mostly pics of the kids for the next couple of days.
Check out the cute little teeth.
So angelic, asleep in the pram
with the sun shining in through the window.
Sunday arvo the kids wanted to go to Tiff's
rocks, Jed had fun accidentally getting wet.
Tani looking windswept.

Zayne enjoying his first real taste of sand, yuk.
Ewww, one very dead crab.

Sheri and Zayne, he will be walking by the time
we see him next.
Tani again.
Yay the sun came out long enough to get a sunset.

Day 139/365
I set up the black fabric and took some portrait
shots on Monday, I had to kid the littlies
a bit but managed a couple of good pics.
Think Zayne is trying to tell me something here,
like enough with the pics already.




After the photo shoot we went to the park,
then to the beach where Mark was fishing,
here are the kids playing in the sand.

Jeddles looks like he is the only person left on the beach.

Day 140/365
Tara, Mark and the kids went home on Tuesday,
and it was typical Bermi weather,
windy and very cold. So I didn't really
take a lot of pics until later in the day.

Tiff and I had lots of time to spare while
Sheri was having her music lesson, so
we wandered over to Surf Beach.
The setting sun was pretty good and there
were shells everywhere.
Pity I didn't want any shell pics that day.

OK, that is it for tonight, I have been doing this forever.
I will load the next few days worth over the weekend.
I had to make myself a new name stamp, my
wonderful youngest daughter 'lost' all
of my photoshop brushes, and we could
not retrieve any of them.
Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog,
I really appreciate your comments.
Oh and I will try to remember to load
the Lo's that I have completed too.
Goodnight all.

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CreativeMe68 said...

Lots and lots of gorgeous photos here Sue...Your grandchildren are so cute!!! Love the couple of scenic ones scattered amoung the portraits!!

Did you see I left both you and Tara a blog award over on my scrapping blog?

I have heaps to share too today!! Luv Shaz xoxo