Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 136/365
This morning the sun was shining when I got
out of bed, it really hurt my eyes.
I grabbed the camera to take a photo
before it disappeared and look
what I found. Fog everywhere.
We don't usually get a fog like this near the coast.
These two photos show Marks garden,
and his cubby house (hot house).
You can just see the sun rising above the trees.

Nearly the same pic, but I liked them both.

Today being Thursday means shopping day.
I went to Narooma and as I was passing Corunna
I made a split second decision to go
down to the lake, OMG, it was amazing.
The water was so still and the reflections were
perfect, I could have stayed and snapped
away for hours.
As I was about to reverse out of my parking lot,
I looked at the lake and the wind had
picked up and the water was covered
in ripples, I must have known something going
in there when I did.
As per usual I cant decide which pic I like best,
so I will just load a selection.

I wish I had of stopped on the way home again,
the wind had dropped and there
was a spot close to the road where the
reflection was absolutely amazing, but I
didn't notice until it was too late to stop.
And wouldn't you know it, the clouds had covered
the sun again by the time it was sunset,
then by dark it had started to rain again.
I did get all the washing done today, so it can
rain all day tomorrow if it wants.
That is enough of my ramblings for now,
be good and I will catch you again tomorrow.

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CreativeMe68 said...

Gorgeous reflection photos on the lake! Luv Shaz xoxo