Saturday, June 27, 2009

Forgotten Lo's and Photos. Yay.

First I had better show you the Lo's I forgot

to load the other night.

Oh bugger, double spacing again, I tell

you it is really starting to s#*^ me

up the wall. I have already deleted this post twice

for the same reason. If anyone knows how to

fix it, jump right in and tell me.

I am not too sure about this one, it is Sheri and her friend Darrie.

Before I laid into it with the embellies and all the doodling

it was absolutely blah, I think I have managed to

make something OK out of the mess.

This one, I thought I would keep it simple and

use up some more of the rubons that seem

to breed in my scrapping bag.

It looks heaps better in the flesh.

This one I totally stuffed up. Someone

please take my gel pen away from me.

I put those bloomin arch things around the circle

and then it was too late to move the retched things.

And the little letters down the side are just wrong.

Oh, well, just have to learn from this and go

easy with the pen.

Day 155/365
The Church Spire at Narooma.
Nangudga Lake on the way home from shopping.
I really like the reflections on the water.
And for this one, I stopped where the fishermen
launch their boats into the lake, I wish
I could have capture the ripples on the water better,
they looked like steps.
Day 156/365
Oh, look, no more double spacing. Lol.
These minuscule little fungus things
were on the drive behind the car,
they are that little that I nearly trod on
them without seeing them.
I had to pick the grass a little as the
camera would not focus on them.
This is the sun shining through the lamp-post on
the drive going into the motel.
Day 157/365
One of the local fisherman with a rather large
Blue Fin Tuna, this was hanging on the gantry
when I went to the shop this arvo.
They said it was 1 kilo below the existing record weight.
I have never seen one of these before so it was a
pretty special sight. I think they said it was 119kg,
or something like that.
Same fish better angle. I asked Mark what
it tastes like, he said a cross between a yellowfin
and an albacore, so it would taste pretty good.
We have been eating a lot of fish this
week, the fish are going mad, most boats
are throwing most of the catch back because
they already have enough.
As I was walking away I turned back and could not
resist taking this photo, the clouds look pretty awesome
amongst the rigging. That flag is on the boat showing
they caught the big fish.
Ok, I have to stop typing now, I have been told to stop
typing so noisily, they cant hear the telly. Lol.
Sorry for being extremely slack and
probably not commenting on everyones blogs,
I will try to do better.
So thanks for dropping in to visit.


CreativeMe68 said...

Gorgeous LO's and those photos are just terrific!!! Love the toadstool!!
I finally went and took some photos yesterday!! Might load them if I remember how to my photo blog today!!
Mainly dragonflies!!!
Have missed chatting to you!!!Not been myself lately! Luv Shaz xoxo

Talia Lynette said...

Love your layouts!
and dont waorry bout the things you worte about, i think it looks fine the way it is :)