Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 43/365
Tiff took me trekking in the bush to take this photo.
She remembered seeing this little white flower
with pink spots, somewhere along the track
she walked with Sarah yesterday.
I don't know how she even seen it the first time,
let alone how she found it this arvo, it stood
about a foot tall, on a stem thinner
than a pencil, with the flower bunch as big
as a golf ball. It was the only one
to be found anywhere around.
There was a small tree in front of it too.
I have put two photos up because I cant tell
which is the better pic.
Um Tara if you are looking at this, you
can tell me what it is.
My guess is some sort of wild orchid.
I have been trying to get a photo of a Lyre Bird
for ages, tonight we had one on the side of the road
and I couldn't get my camera turned on quick enough.
Grrrr, one day I will catch one before he sees me.
I could not resist stopping and taking this pic,
it is the odometer reading on my car.
I always notice how the numbers make some sort
of pattern. Got a lot of K's on the old girl.
That's it until tomorrow.


Tara said...

not sure exactly what sort of orchid it is, but it sure is pretty...

was it growing out of a log or something or just in the ground? didnt think they grew in the wild..

Sue said...

Just out of the ground. Pretty much out in the open except for the little tree.

vicmbee said...

Thanks Sue wasn't sure how much older than me you were.....must be 10 years or there abouts...