Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh boy, how slack am I?
I have been here for a look a couple
of times over the past week, but
have been too tired to
add any new posts.
Update on my man. I retrieved him from
hospital on Monday, hard to believe he was
as sick as he was, even the doctor could not
believe how quick he bounced back.
They have put everything down to a dose
of tonsillitis and an allergic reaction to
one of the medicines the doc prescribed.
The two combined morphed into a super bug,
and knocked him about something shocking.
Glad to say, other than a bit of recovery time to
regain his strength, he is as good as new.
I will make an effort to load my photos tonight,
as long as I can keep my eyes open long enough.
I am still doing the shop by myself until I think
Mark is up to taking over for a few hours a day.
We are not going to risk a repeat performance.


vicmbee said...

glad to hear Mark is on his way to recovery...... you sound like you need a good rest too....bit of action in town this arvo maybe accident or something towards the dam ambo's, cops and I only seen the cops with sirens blaring....

vicmbee said...

yes it was an accident a head on with a young adelong boy on a motorbike and a 4 wheel drive....

Pauly said...

Glad to hear Marks on the mend. Didn't get to see Aliza, we went for a cruise in Noels 'beast'. He pointed out where she lived, but when we came back, her car was gone. Wish our stay had of been longer, maybe next time....definately not gonna leave it that long again!!