Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 54/365
Ok, I was not going to bore you with another
sunrise, but cripes, how could I not show you this.
When viewed full size the colours are,
um, brilliant, metallic, um, cant think of a word
for it. I promise I will try not to take
a sunrise tomorrow.
Actually we are supposed to have an electrical storm
tomorrow, so I might get some electrifying shots, Lol.
The Seaside fair is on tomorrow, so it will either be stinking
hot or stormy. After work I will venture onto the hill
and see what the sculptures are like.
Identity Crisis.
This Mumma bird and her babies were across
the road in the park when I got to work
this morning, they were amongst the
seagulls, and stayed with them most of the day.
First I thought they were a Cockatoo, but they don't
have the crest, they thought they were seagulls, but
didn't have the right colouring, Lol. After a quick email and
phone call to a friend, I have found out they are
Short Billed Corella's. Not something you see
a lot of on the coast.
As you can see I was able to get really close
to the Mumma to take this photo.
I was like 2 foot away from her
before she decided I should not be there.

News on Mark for the day, he has been transferred to
Canberra. He is in intensive care up there now.
Depending on the test results he may be in
surgery again tonight, but probably tomorrow.
They told me don't worry about coming up
cause he is heavily sedated and wont even know
I am there, so at this stage it is a cast of
phone tag with the doctors, who have been
brilliant and kept me up to speed as
best they can.
Ok, best get off here for now, short post has
turned into a newsletter again.

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