Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Photos and Layouts.

Day 52/365
Here's proof that I was out of bed before the lights came on.
I missed seeing the sun rise over the ocean, I was half
hour too early, but I did catch it over the top
of the town. I even raced across the road and
got a few shots in. It is amazing how many different
colours you can catch in a short period of time.

I guess I will be seeing a few sunrises, if
Mark is not better in the morning he will
be going to hospital, that is if I don't take
him through the night. He would not
go earlier when I offered. Which
means I will still be opening the shop for
the next few days.
I finally finished these Lo's that I started days ago,
more from the RSS challenges, I don't think
I will get them loaded over there though.
This first one is the 'Quote Challenge'.
Had to use the quote, a circle and hand-cutting.
I could not really find a pic that was suitable, but I
like this one with the girls sitting with
their heads together studying something,
they were being annoying 5 mins before this.
This next one is the ebony and ivory challenge.
Funny but it has not got any white on it, other than
the photo.
The challenge was; black, pink and green,
Lots of hand-cutting and gems.....
I splashed paint on the cs to alter it, there is not much
you can do to disguise black.
Everything is a lot straighter than it looks in the pic,
funny how the camera does that sometime.
Ok, I really should be doing something else now, like
folding the washing, so I will catch you again tomorrow,
or sooner if I come back tonight.

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Pauly said...

Love your LO's, and the photos too.Right into sunset shots at the moment, never taken so many off my back verandah as I have lately since the fires. Ya should enter your LO's at RSS, pretty cool prizes, the girls there are a lot of fun. I am meeting a few of them next week in Perth, can't wait!!