Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Quick chat tonight. Photos from Sat
to today. Been so flat out, haven't had time to
scratch myself, so I am making a quick post today.

Day 55/365
We had the Seaside fair on Sat,
pity I had to work, I really didn't see any of it.
We nearly missed the fireworks, it was raining so hard
we really thought they wouldn't be on.
We raced into town in time to see the last 1/2 dozen
fireworks, we managed to park right under
them, that was a bit scary, they seemed so close.

Day 56/365
Sunday we had a quick Sunday drive to Canberra to see
Mark in Hosp. 3 hrs to get there and 3 hrs back, and about
3 hrs in the hosp, made for a long day. Up at 6am to do the
shop and home at 11.45pm, felt like I was
a teenager again, Lol.
These funny looking things were in the fountain
in the foyer of the hosp. Beautiful fountain wish
I had of taken photos in the daylight.

This is the intersection outside the hosp, I tried
getting a good photo but I suck, but you get the idea.
I took a photo of Mark but it is too scary to show on here.

Day 57/365
The boats across the road from the shop with Mt
Dromedary in the background. I didn't pick up the
beautiful pink sky, it was really pretty.
Day 58/365
Today's pic was taken on the way home from
grocery shopping. We raced over to Narooma when
I finished work, I had no food in the cupboards.
This is the sun setting over Corunna Lake, Mum
and Day thought I was a bit mad pulling the car
up on the side of the road and hanging out the window
just to take a pic of the water. But hey it is a lovely shot,
what are you gonna do, hey!!!!
Can't let an opportunity go bye.
Quick update on Mark while I am here.
He is still in ICU in Canberra, more abscess's are forming
and he is still on ventilation, they were hoping to
take him off that today. No idea where the
abscess's are coming from or where they started, bit
frustrating. We are going up to visit him again in the morning,
I am lucky to have a great support system here
that allows me the chance to do that,
otherwise I would have to shut the shop for the day
and that would make Mark worry and he
would never get better.
So if I don't get a chance to update tomorrow,
it will be because I am still driving all over the country.
See you all later, be good.

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CreativeMe68 said...

OMG I hope Mark is going to be ok...Poor you, trying to run a business, and a household and driving to and from the hospital!! It is no wonder you don't want to upload any photos. Love the photos you have uploaded today! Thanks for sharing...still can't work out the whole brushes and stuff...Man I feel dumb! Thanks for all your help, will see if someone around here knows how to do it!
Stay safe on the roads with all the travelling that you are doing Luv Shaz xoxo