Friday, March 6, 2009

A nearly completed Lo.

A nearly completed Lo,
I started this last Friday or maybe before that,
I cant even remember.
It is not quite finished, I want to put a
No. 3 on there somewhere, but
I have to find one first. I am sure
I would have a chippy one somewhere.
The photo is not brilliant, I took it
tonight after work, the light wasn't the best.
I would like to do a Lo
of my boys too, but lack of
photos makes that a bit hard.
Day 47/365
Today's pic, is just a quick one of the
bridge. I had the camera on the fireworks
setting in the scene mode. I took
some more using the night landscape
setting but they didn't have the nice crisp
lights (stars). And they all
looked pretty crap. So this is it.
Not sure about the bed, it is
way too high, I felt like I was going to fall
out of it all night. I guess I will have to learn
to like it, I just hope it is sooner rather than later.
That's it for today, I promise to make more of
and effort tomorrow. Thinking some
of the challenges at RSS look interesting,
might have to give them a try, no promises though.


Teegs said...

Love that photo, ur gonna have to teach me how to use my camera soon:) nice LO of your 3 Bootiful girls, i was looking on here i swear i have a photo of Mark and Craig but it appears not well im too lazy to search it wasnt where i thought it was and i sifted through a couple of folders but there soo messy:( One day i will have the most organised photos ....... ONE day!!

Sue said...

Yeah right, I keep saying that too. One day I will burn some onto a disc.