Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 45/365
Oh Dear....I can't decide which photo to use.
Tegan says load them all, so here goes.
I had lots of little and some not so little visitors today.
I was too slow to catch all of them, the
black Cockie took off before I got the camera,
and the willy wag tail did the same.
The big black butterfly would not land on anything.
And the magpies hear when I turn on the camera,
and take off before I can get outside.
So I have.....
a Butcher Bird,

a Kookaburra,

2 Butterflies,

1 King Parrot, but I liked both pics,

1 Parrot in flight, pity about the house behind it.
I would photoshop it but would wreck the pic.

2 very naughty horses,

they broke into Marks vegie patch
and ate all the corn, most of the carrots,
some of the peas,
all of the spinach (think that hurt more than the rest),
and they broke the fence post off at ground level,
and crushed the wire beyond recognition.
Needless to say Mark was not a happy camper.

Oh and while I am thinking about it, Tipster
got a special merit award for her 'Great Japanese
Book Cover', and a mention for helping the
other girls with theirs.
Wow, maybe I wont take any photos for a week now,
I sure took some today.
Until tomorrow nice peoples.


Teegs said...

OMg u had lots of visitors lol im cooming down to see them:) i never see that many birds here:( cool pics of them all, no wonder you couldnt pick:) glad u loaded them all. and nope thats todays post and i expect more tomorrow lol:) well done Tif i mean mum for ur awesome covers:)

Jennifer said...

Oh Boy if I lived at your place I'd never get anything done I'd spend all day watching the birds, once again awesome photos