Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 62
I have totally messed up my photo's.
I added the border and saved them without
taking notice of when I took them, so
I will just have to do a general upload
and hope that I have them in the right order.
A mailbox on the way to Bega, early morning.
Day 63
The sun setting amongst the clouds.
Day 64
A mailbox on the way home from Canberra
on the Monday after picking mark up.
Day 65
A bottle brush with the early morning
sun filtering between the leaves.
Day 66
The boats in the harbour across from
the shop. The sun was behind the clouds
and this was the best shot I took for the day.
Day 67
A beautiful bottlebrush in the next
neighbours yard. Tiff had the job of
feeding Nigel for the night, so I took advantage
of Rosie's great garden.
Day 68
The Black Swans swimming on Wallaga Lake.
Tiff and I stopped on the way home from shopping
on Friday. They would not swim close enough
to get a decent pic.
Day 69
I was supposed to be having a sleep-in,
but I woke up at 7am, so I raced into
town to the Blue Pool to catch
the sun rising over the still water of the pool.
Wonder am I totally addicted to sunrises now.
Day 70
Hope I have not messed up my numbers yet.
I really should be in bed, work is really slow
and I am getting so tired that I have nearly
fallen asleep a couple of times. How
embarrassing if someone catches me snoring my head off.
I finally managed to catch a bird in flight, coming in
for a landing on the bird feeder.
Day 71
A not so brilliant pic of a ? something.
The flower was so little I am amazed I got
so much of it in focus.
Ok, I hope I have loaded all the pics and that
I am up to date now.
I will try to be better from now on.
Catch you all tomorrow (I hope).
To everyone that has left me a comment, and
to those blogs that I have visited and been
too slack to comment on, my apologies, and thanks for
the comments and I will try to catch up with
comments of my own.

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CreativeMe68 said...

Gorgeous photos Sue...Glad to hear that Mark is on the mend!!! And no more travelling to Canberra for you to visit him!! You got some amazing photos from the trips though! Been really slack with my photography blog!!! Will have to upload some new photos. Luv looking at yours, thanks for sharing Luv Shaz xoxo

PS Is it Sheri's birthday today???
And she has month the RAK of the month over on my blog!!