Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 51/365
It is not midnight yet, and I am loading my
photo for the day. A really quick photo
that I snapped while waiting for my pizza.
Little fluffy things, in front of the steps
at the boat ramp.
Bad Mumma today, I didn't even think about cooking
dinner. I have been awake since 4.30, started work
at 6.30 am, finished work at 6.15 pm, raced home
loaded the washing machine (oops I better go hang
that out), finished doing the dishes that Mark
started, so I figured a take-away was the
way to go.
Now I have loaded the photo
for the day, and also a pic of the Lo
I finished at work this morning, not the best photo
of it, bad night time light, but you get the picture.
I checked out the challenges at RSS, this is what I have
come up with for the negative space challenge.
If I was not so tired I might even go on over
there and introduce myself and submit this
Lo, and the other two that I just have to
add photos to. I think I made it crooked on
purpose but it looks worse in the pic.
That is it for now, I will check in later and see
who is doing what. I had better go deal with
the washing and then do the dishes (again),
everything else can wait. Hope Mark is better soon.
Spose I will be awake before the sparrows again
tomorrow, another long day ahead.
At least I get to take my scrapping with me, not
many people could get away with doing that.

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CreativeMe68 said...

Love your pics, and your LO is cool....I have so many of the kids going school, mind if I steal the quote?

Sent you an email too Luv Shaz xoxo