Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 59/365
The Macca's sign coming into
Cooma on Wed, after our visit to Mark.
Funny I could not find a thing to take a pic of in Canberra.

Day 60/365
Ho Hum, another sunrise. I am starting to think
it is about time I got to sleep in. Ah well, I am
sure a few early mornings are not going to hurt me.

Day 61/365
So smokey around here today, they are burning off
somewhere, strange time to be doing
that, it is reasonably warm and the wind
was gusting a bit today. They must know
what they are doing I suppose.
Here is a photo looking out the front of the shop today,
and the one I took the other day, I could not even see Drom today.
Update on my man, they took the ventilation tube out today,
so he will be moved from the ICU to a ward,
maybe tomorrow, if they can find him a bed.
He will have to stay in Hosp for up to a week more, but
at least he is on the mend.
They still don't know what caused all this fuss,
the Doc said we may never know.
Anyhow, if I am going to go see him in the morning
I had better take myself to bed, I have to
open the shop early, and wait for a friend to
cover for me, then I will be off like a rocket.
Be checking in when I have more time.


Tara said...

that sunrise is awesome, love the colour you got out of it!!

good to hear mark is doing better, and is moving into a ward.. i'm sure he is gonna love it!

i'm off to bed now, mark is trying to put zayne to sleep, hopefully i will get a sleep in in the morn.... :-)

CreativeMe68 said...

I will never ever get sick of your sunrises or sunsets! It is just beautiful photography!!

So glad to hear that you man is getting much better!
Luv Shaz xoxo

xoxAlyssaxox said...

Loving all of your beautiful photography hun xx
♥ Lys

Sheri said...

love your photos :D
especially that sunset.. looks pretty awsome :D
but you need to update soon!!!