Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 42/365
Today's photo is this totally awesome fungus.
I noticed it on the side of the road,
growing on a tree stump. It is enormous,
close to 10in across. And the colours
are just beautiful, the photo has not been altered
other than to add a stamp and border.

I noticed this tree when I made stop
to take a photo of a fallen tree. The bark on the
tree was way more interesting than the log
on the ground.
I had one of the laziest day's ever today.
I slept in til 9.30, just made it out of bed
before Mark's family came to say goodbye to us.
Done a couple of loads of washing, took Tipster to her
friends place. Took a few photos. Bummed around
doing nothing at all for a couple of hours,
then went to town and took the girls (Tiff and friend) for a walk
on the rocks. They had great fun poking Cungi,
making them squirt water everywhere.
Didn't even cook a proper dinner tonight.
Just some chops, snags and continental pasta.
I had big plans to do some scrapping today, but
I was just way too lazy, maybe tomorrow.
Ho hum, that's it from me, but only till
tomorrow. Have a great evening.


vicmbee said...

Ewww!!!fungi but it looks pretty cool Jess took pics of fungi last year at the dam and it looks very interesting. Check out my blog tommorrow I working on a page of you from the discs you gave me...

Pauly said...

Lovin your photos Sue, you must have an awesome camera. Have to bug you one day to teach me how you frame and sign your photos..its cool!!

Teegs said...

Cool pics:)keep em coming!and some scrapping too, nudge nudge:)