Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 49/365
Oh dear, I just had a seniors moment.
Wrote the whole post and forgot
to publish it, so here goes again.
I nearly didn't get a photo today,
I worked all day, till nearly 6,
then had to run back into town
to buy salad makings.
Anyway, I ducked into the bush
along the main road, I was going
to take a photo of the waves crashing
against the rocks but could not see them from
where I was. I did however notice this
flower thing along the track. I could
not decide whether to use the colour
or the sepia shot, so I have loaded both.

I almost finished 2 Lo's at work today,
but I didn't have a photo to use for
either Lo, so I will try to finish them
in the next day or two.
That is it from me for the day,
so I will catch you again tomorrow.


Tara said...

you need to update earlier...

Sue said...

Sorry Tara, working like a mad women at the moment. I just finished helping Sheri, I must be crazy, so many other things that I have to do (like sleep).