Thursday, March 12, 2009

I cant help myself....

Day 53/365
I just cant help myself, how could I not load a few of
these pics. Lucky I am self employed, I sort
of deliberately made myself
late for work this morning, this is what early risers
get to see everyday, I usually catch the sunsets,
cause I am not a morning person.
I would have stayed long enough
to get the suns reflection on the water, but I thought
that might be pushing it just a bit.

Anyway, I have had a big day today. Work in the early hours,
then a trip to the hospital, then back to work this arvo.
Apparently Mark was sicker than I gave him credit for.
He has been operated on, and is under sedation
in the ICU. He will have to stay over there
for a few days at least.
Hope I can find something to take a pic
of tomorrow, I am missing the birds, hope
they don't forget me.
See you all tomorrow.


Tara said...

cool pics. did you use a tripod for them? they are pretty straight.... lol u know what i mean, the horizon. no chance i will ever get any pics like that...

Sue said...

Nope no tripod, just leaned on my knee, the wooden fence was wet so I couldn't even lean on it, and I have not played with them either, miracle how straight I can get it when I put my glasses on.

vicmbee said...

Gorgeous Photo's glad you were up early to catch it..... hope mark makes a speedy recovery....

Pauly said...

OMG, these photos are brilliant!!!! LOVE THEM!! Don't know whats wrong with Mark, but hope he's OK!!