Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 48/365
So much for my plans to scrap today.
First I slept in til just after nine,
then got the washing done and on the line.
Took this totally random photo of a feather.

We got chips for lunch and went to the park to eat them,
where I took heaps of photos of seagulls.
Then I took the girls to the beach for a swim
and got sunburnt on the face.
Came home and talked to the parrots,
while I took photos of them.

Think I had better take a snap of two
of the girls, they will think they are not my models anymore.
Not that they will complain if I don't take any of them.
Cooked dinner and that is it for my day.
I promise if it is not too busy in the shop tomorrow
that I will try to scrap something.
Mark has a cold, so I might have to work a few
days straight, you know what men are like
when they get sick, Lol.


CreativeMe68 said...

Hi Sue,
I am new to your blog....want to say love your photos! I have just created my very own photography blog this past week. If you don't mind me visiting i will pop back in another day! Please feel free to visit my blog
Another question??? How do I put a copyright on my photos like you?? Can you help me please. Luv Shaz xoxo

Sue said...

hi shaz, I made myself a brush in photoshop. So that all I need to do is click on that brush and it is always there.
Thanks for the kind words, I am having fun, learning all the time, and wishing I had a better camera.

CreativeMe68 said...

Sue, Thanks for leaving me a comment! I don't know how to add the email detail but you can email me at
Would love to chat to you about photography and scrappin. Luv Shaz xoxo

Teegs said...

WOW! That feather looks cool, whats it sitting on? man u must have tame birds down there to get such good clear piccies of them:)

Sue said...

Hey Teegie, yeah they are tame now. I can sit there and talk to them, and they just look at me funny. Probably thinking 'what the hell'.
The feather is sitting on the plastic off the new bed, it was a totally random shot, just noticed it before the wind blew it away, wish all photos were like that.