Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 46/365
Another day, another bird.
This one is a Pee Wee, he was outside
the shop this morning. Not as tame as the birds
at home, he would not let me get near him.

A quick wander around the paddock tonight produced,
A knot.....from the rope swing.

some dead leaves, with the sun coming through
the trees behind them.
Well we got the new bed today,
it is a foot higher than the old one,
hope I don't roll over and fall out, Lol.
I will reserve judgement on it until tomorrow,
but I can say at this stage it is not looking good.
I think the fitted sheet wont stay on,
and the mattress is going to wander,
the man assured me that would not happen.
We will see!!!!!!!!
Loving all the wonderful photos that are appearing
on everyone's blogs.
It is interesting to see what others can see through
the lens of their cameras.


Teegs said...

Cool the knot looks cool:)

Im sure your bed will be fine:)

Cant wait to come down and see you all:) hopefully in the next couple of months

Tara said...

I reckon ya gonna sleep like crap!! think its a rule with a new bed, will take at least a week to get used to it!! it will be worth it though, unless the mattress wanders then i will say i told ya so!!

i like the knot too....

Pauly said...

Lovin your photos! I wish I took more, running out of things to scrap!! We have so gotta get a new bed too...Robs back and hip are wrecked and he spent a week in the spare room and reckons it was a lot better...hes back in our bed though..told him he has to wait until after we have our holiday. been about 15 years since we had a new one, guess we are overdue!!