Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 44/365
Oh, what a day!
It started with a little ray of sunshine
and rapidly went downhill from there.
It has rained, the breeze has come up,
and tonight it is blowing a gale.
I didn't take a jumper to work and at times felt
like I could have really used one.
We are really starting to forget what a nice
sun-shiny day is.
Lucky I took today's photo's this morning when
I walked Tiff to the bus-stop.
I took what I thought was a picture of a leaf
and there tucked amongst them
are the cutest little gumnuts.
They remind me of snugglepot
and cuddlepie, I think we must have
all read about them growing up.
Hope the wind doesn't blow them all out of the trees.
A bit of a gripe now.
I am starting to think it is time to stop
shopping at Woolies. Tonight is the 2nd
time in 2 weeks that I have had to throw
a tray of meat out because it was so rotten
not even Mark could stand the smell of it.
The use by date on the ticket was for today, surely
it is not unreasonable to expect it to
still be edible today. The
girls have been saying since Sunday night
that the fridge stunk, but everything looked fine,
it wasn't until Mark opened the plastic that we
realised where the smell was coming from.
With the cost of food rising weekly
it is getting to be a bit of a joke.
I have had to return veggies that were beyond
eating (rotten in the middle), and now meat that stinks,
trouble is without any competition in town, they
think they can get away with anything.
I have to drive 1/2 hr to get to Woolies,
the next closest Supermarket is
another 1/2 hr in the opposite direction,
and I am not over fussed with shopping there either.
Enough griping for now,
I will catch you again tomorrow,
when I am not feeling so totally p#$#^d off.


Jennifer said...

Hi Sue been away for a few days so commenting on all blogs since thursday, love the fungi, they are a passion of mine and am always photographing them, I have some really cool ones, from the photos you take I thought you must have brought yourself a SLR, some of your pics are awesome

Tara said...

we chucked out a lamb roast tonight coz it was green. from coles. use by today. bastards.

Sue said...

Getting a bit much, costs too much to be chucking things out.
If it wasn't such a drive I would have taken mine back, it stunk, wouldn't get the same effect if it was frozen.

Sue said...

Hey Aunt, when are you going to unblock your blog, let us in for a look. Please, please, pretty please.
I would so love to get a SLR but cant see it happening anytime soon.